Assets Copying Strategy
No. of copiers
Return (24h)
+ 0.05%
Return (7D)
+ 1.61%
Return (1M)
Return (1Y)
Return (All Time)
  • Copy fee (daily) 2.00%
  • Performance fee (weekly) 3.00%
  • Exit cost 0.50%
  • Bitcoin 64.93%
  • USD Coin 35.07%
News Feed

    19 Jan, 2022

    Fairly brutal market at the moment, keeping to our strongest holdings for now, however I'm still seeing this as an accumulation zone and picking up cheap coins when they come on sale. On the 6-month chart we have significantly outperformed bitcoin, with BENRICK up approx 250%. Sit tight, in a few months we will be smiling


    30 Nov, 2021

    Great past few days, Bitcoin bounced off the base of the ascending channel and the market bounced with it. Luna and ETH are off to the races, have rebalanced to take profits and redistribute. I'm still keeping an eye on the building support base at around $53k, but we have a fair bit of wriggle room here and the support seems to be holding up for now. Too early to celebrate, but at least some positive signs!


    22 Nov, 2021

    Fairly hectic shakeout this past week with most alts bleeding. Three of our medium-weight holdings have outperformed significantly, AVAX, ATOM and MATIC, taking profits on those and buying the blood. Our new addition MANA has also been flying and is up almost 20% on the week, so also taking some profits there in the rebalance. Otherwise no structure changes, BENRICK still up 250% over 4 months and long term BTC is still looking good. These pullbacks are par for the course and healthy for the market in general, good buying opportunity, which is what I'm doing with my personal stack! It's quite possible the market bleeds a bit more, but BTC leads the way and has loads of support around the $52k region, with the 21 week EMA at $52.5k. If we near this region I will reassess, but for now it's buy the dip and hodl!


    15 Nov, 2021

    BTC has experienced a healthy pullback from the new ATH and seems to be building a nice base in this price range. The longer we stay here the healthier it is for the market. I've sold some BTC and added a small amount of RUNE and MANA, as wells as added to ETH, as we are slowly creeping towards Ethereum season


    9 Nov, 2021

    Great past few days for crypto. BTC and ETH with new ATH and lots of alts gaining value. Have taken profits on ADA, XLM, ETH and BTC and rebalanced to original weighting, think we have a good risk-adjusted portfolio here for now. Crypto market cap approaching 3 trillion, crazy times! 🤩


    1 Nov, 2021

    Last night BTC put in a weekly and monthly close above $60k and made another solid step towards turning the previous resistance into support. We are currently experiencing a healthy pullback from ATH, and actually have a lot of wriggle room in this area with bull market support band down in the $48k region. For now I have removed the stop loss rule at 59k, but if we start to trend closer to the 21 week EMA I will look at entering another stop loss in case of a sentiment shift. For now the market cycle is far from over and in my opinion BTC @ $100k is not a matter of if, but when, and the longer we take to get there the higher we will go...time is on our side


    28 Oct, 2021

    Stop loss triggered yesterday, we did not stay down for long and have seen a nice bounce off the 58-59k support, so entered back in last night with 100%. Our position in Matic has done well, taking some profits and adding a few quality smaller caps. Keeping 25% USDT stop loss rule at 59k.


    25 Oct, 2021

    Happy with our stop loss placement, we held $60k as support and just missed being triggered at $59.5k BTC dominance increasing again, so increasing our weighting slightly as well as increasing LUNA to 25%, as it's generally outperformed BTC over the past few months. Also keeping our 25% USDT stop loss at $59,5k (BTC) , as I feel this is still a potential breakdown area. If we hold things will get fun


    24 Oct, 2021

    We have reached the bottom of the ascending channel here for BTC, hoping it will hold, otherwise we're likely to see more downside. Have set a rule to go 25% USDT if BTC breaks down below current price on the lower channel (approx $59.3k). If we bounce or range alts will go off like prawns in the sun . Benrick still more than 3x BTC return over the 3month period


    21 Oct, 2021

    New ATH for BTC! Taking profits on assets which pumped with the king, but keeping holdings relatively the same. With that move up we now have more than $100k following the strategy and one of the top strategy returns over the past quarter (330% ROI), thank you guys for your trust