Magnus Core


Assets Copying Strategy
No. of copiers
Return (24h)
+ 1.28%
Return (7D)
+ 8.54%
Return (1M)
Return (1Y)
Return (All Time)
+ 122.85%
About this strategy

We invest in use case coins only, ex. top 20 market cap, max 20 coins, and may hold up to 50% cash as the cycle suggests. High beta, trading in/out of cash.

  • Copy fee (daily) 1.00%
  • Performance fee (weekly) 10.00%
  • Exit cost 0.50%
  • Zcash 3.27%
  • Zilliqa 3.04%
  • 3.19%
  • WAX 2.95%
  • SushiSwap 2.96%
  • 27 other assets 84.59%
News Feed
  • Magnus Core

    8 Aug, 2022

    Minor rebalance initiated now. There's no reason to be on the sidelines here, looks like a comfortable rally. Magnus will remain long alts until... We're not. It's very possible we'll see BTCUSD at 31K early September.

  • Magnus Core

    31 Jul, 2022

    Quick look at market structure just now, nothing screams "rally is done!"... Magnus remains comfortably long high beta alts. Reassess later in the week. 

  • Magnus Core

    18 Jul, 2022

    Minor rebalance completed today. Holding high beta alts into next week, when we'll reassess the account.Looks like crypto will have a good run higher, calling BTC at 32k USD by end of August. 

  • Magnus Core

    9 Jul, 2022

    Doing a minor rebalance back to target, taking some profit on $DYDX, adding $FET and $ZEC. Will remain long alts for next 3 weeks, at least, and reassess at that point.

  • Magnus Core

    25 Jun, 2022

    Magnus will be long high beta alts into Friday, at least, when we'll reassess the account.Expecting a clean run on BTC up to c. 31k.

  • Magnus Core

    20 Jun, 2022

    BTC hit Fibonacci support at 20K, from here very much expect a rally into the end of the month. Undertaking a rebalance into high beta names. Portfolio this last few weeks was also in high beta names, and, notably, outperformed BTC.

  • Magnus Core

    14 Jun, 2022

    Reasons to think the selling is over.1. The Magnus Account is a diversified high beta alt coin account... And it's outperformed BTC significantly overcast 24hrs2. We're moving into a favourable part of the lunar cycle (yes, there is alpha in it... Not much, but enough) 

  • Magnus Core

    13 Jun, 2022

    It's rough out there now, Magnus will ride this one out with current positioning. Market breadth is similar to early Feb now, although the price action... Bears little resemblance. 

  • Magnus Core

    30 May, 2022

    Doing a rebalance now, focus on small cap names that have had buy signals in last 3 days.The markets are the most oversold in history by some of the metrics we use. Accordingly, a high beta portfolio is in order for an anticipated rally.

  • Magnus Core

    13 May, 2022

    Now that some sense of normal has returned to the market have completed a rebalance today.Magnus did hold a c. 3% allocation to Luna.Looks like interim lows are in