Mutant Investment Assets


Assets Copying Strategy
No. of copiers
Return (24h)
Return (7D)
+ 1.23%
Return (1M)
Return (1Y)
Return (All Time)
+ 190.61%
  • Copy fee (daily) 3.00%
  • Performance fee (weekly) 5.00%
  • Exit cost 0.50%
  • Cosmos 72.98%
  • USD Coin 7.56%
  • Ethereum 5.12%
  • Oasis Network 3.37%
  • Decentraland 1.86%
  • 5 other assets 9.10%
News Feed
  • Mutant Investment Assets

    30 May, 2022

    I m analysing the current offers for the Luna airdrops. ICONOMI announced already that they will participate on that drop. There are still a lot of unconfirmed informations out there and I don't want to take part of spreading "wrong" informations.  My strategy is to keep holding on during that time. It can be weeks/months or even years. Anyway it just gave us more time to build up for the next bull run. I am expecting a downtrend for a while now. The whole surrounding is really weak for investors at the moment.  Take care and thank you for your trust

  • Mutant Investment Assets

    14 May, 2022

    Still collecting all the information. Please be patient.Beside Luna the market has a lot of nice entry possibilities.please don't gamble on a luna recovery, but there is still a chance. more information is following soon. 

  • Mutant Investment Assets

    10 May, 2022

    Please don't sell your funds at this point... Luna has a lot of pressure at the moment. I will work on a detailed update.  Check please the recover of Luna last year around the same time out.  There are big bets right now against the Terra eco system. (Shorts) this can lead to a short squeeze where I will try to take some risk out of our portfolio.

  • Mutant Investment Assets

    19 Apr, 2022

    Yesterday I rebalanced 5% of our cash position to Luna.

  • Mutant Investment Assets

    2 Apr, 2022

    Congrats to everyone 🎊no change in the structure