Best of Crypto


Assets Copying Strategy
No. of copiers
Return (24h)
+ 0.14%
Return (7D)
+ 3.03%
Return (1M)
+ 20.34%
Return (1Y)
Return (All Time)
+ 123.14%
  • Copy fee (daily) 2.00%
  • Performance fee (weekly) 5.00%
  • Exit cost 0.50%
  • Tether 89.87%
  • PAX Gold 7.00%
  • Enzyme 3.12%
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  • Best of Crypto

    10 Nov, 2020

    This strategy invests into crypto assets that potentially outperform Bitcoin. The strategy will stay diversified and won't invest more than 15% into one single asset except for Bitcoin, cash-like Tether, USDC or Pax Gold. Usually it's even more diversified. The strategy moves to cash-like coins after strong market runs or if indicators point to more difficult times. Thus drawdowns should be reduced.

  • Best of Crypto

    13h ago

    Over the weekend we saw rallies even in very small crypto assets paired with some increase in leverage . That's usually a sign that we have entered the "warm" phase of the current upmove and a correction is likely. Also stocks look vulnerable and ready for a correction. We have exited the market and hope for a setback to clear things up.

  • Best of Crypto

    2 Feb, 2023

    The market expected the FED to be hawkish yesterday, but they were not really. Totally different ECB surprised me by basically raising rates by 1% because they announced +50bps today and an intention for +50bps in march. This is not healthy for anyone. Not sure what their intentions are.... I am selling into the strength.

  • Best of Crypto

    27 Jan, 2023

    Market is ready for the next bigger leg up. Bulls showing no sign of weakness.

  • Best of Crypto

    20 Jan, 2023

    If this was the correction, then bears have a big problem.

  • Best of Crypto

    16 Jan, 2023

    I took some profits today, because that is what you do after some coins have done really well, but I'm not really bearish because in my view many investors have missed the train and are now looking how to get in. So any pullback might be small and short

  • Best of Crypto

    15 Jan, 2023

    The Crypto market is holding up well over the weekend and I think that tomorrow there will be more short covering in crypto products that are listed on traditional capital markets and which were not tradeable in the past 48 hours. For example products of Grayscale on certain altcoins are trading at a discount of 50% or more. Investors are far too bearish here. We own some of the underlying coins in the strategy.

  • Best of Crypto

    13 Jan, 2023

    After more than one year of bear market it feels great to see such strong moves up again.

  • Best of Crypto

    9 Jan, 2023

    2022 was a crypto year to forget, so 2023 has a great setup to be positive. The year is starting nicely, I invested into my favourite cryptos end of last week, after holding mostly cash during december into the new year. Some of the coins are enjoying doubledigit gains since last week and you barely see it in the charts. We will stick to our strategy which is to rarely hold Bitcoin and invest into other quality cryptos instead or cash. In bull times small cryptos outperform massively and in bear times you should simply hold cash..

  • Best of Crypto

    28 Dec, 2022

    Pretty boring market and still no sign of buying pressure. Yearend is ahead and some investors still want/need to get out before year end. Staying mostly in cash