Blockchain Growth Index


Assets Copying Strategy
No. of copiers
Return (24h)
+ 2.83%
Return (7D)
+ 21.82%
Return (1M)
+ 33.66%
Return (1Y)
+ 721.40%
Return (All Time)
+ 1,807.85%
  • Copy fee (daily) 2.50%
  • Performance fee (monthly) 0.00%
  • Exit cost 0.50%
  • Ethereum 18.03%
  • Bitcoin 9.81%
  • Polkadot NEW 4.88%
  • Terra 5.16%
  • Axie Infinity 4.81%
  • FTX Token 5.08%
  • Chainlink 3.90%
  • Polygon 4.12%
  • Cosmos 3.84%
  • Binance Coin 2.91%
  • Cardano 3.16%
  • Solana 3.21%
  • Uniswap 3.04%
  • Aave 2.94%
  • Maker 3.26%
  • Enjin Coin 2.86%
  • SushiSwap 3.00%
  • Synthetix 3.19%
  • 2.93%
  • Decentraland 1.90%
  • Compound 2.02%
  • Loopring 1.89%
  • Bancor 1.99%
  • Reserve Rights 2.10%
News Feed
  • Blockchain Growth Index

    7h ago

    Again, we have just rebalanced our portfolio… We take profits in $LRC which is up by 160% since our last rebalancing 3 days ago. 🔥📈😎We remain bullish and still believe in higher prices until the end of the year… ✅

  • Blockchain Growth Index

    30 Oct, 2021

    $MANA is flying… 🚀🚀 price has tripled in one week!! 💪🏼🚀😎 We do take profits and did rebalance our portfolio.Broad diversification along our portfolio is paying off! We are running hot and outperformed $BTC by 7% in one week 🔥🔥🔥

  • Blockchain Growth Index

    16 Oct, 2021

    $BTC ETF is finally coming! Proshares is probably starting trading its futures based ETF as soon as next week… ✅ That is why $BTC soared up to 62k 📈👌🏼 stated earlier we do sell the news and reduce our holding in $BTC by a few percentage points and adding it to some alts which will probably follow $BTC price movement 😎

  • Blockchain Growth Index

    15 Oct, 2021

    $BTC is up and approaching and trying to break the 60k mark… 🔥🚀📈Bloomberg reported that the SEC will at least approve some of the 40 pending $BTC ETF filings. Chances are high to see such action in the next weeks. Let‘s see if it plays out as expected… ✅😎

  • Blockchain Growth Index

    11 Oct, 2021

    Persistent rumors keep coming that the first BTC ETF will be approved by the SEC before the end of October... 🙄We increase our allocation in BTC and reduce ETH and some alts a bit. "buy the rumours, sell the news" 📈✅😎

  • Blockchain Growth Index

    3 Oct, 2021

    $AXS is up by 70% in more or less one week… 🚀💪🏼😎We have rebalanced our portfolio while having not changed anything in the structure. We remain bullish for the whole market and especially in the projects we are invested in! ✅🚀😎 Higher prices until EOY, mark our words… 😎

  • Blockchain Growth Index

    23 Sep, 2021

    We have just rebalanced our portfolio. ✅ Markets were shaking due to decreased risk appetite of investors cuased by increased volatility within traditional financial markets. 📉Greetings from China (Evergrande) ☝🏼🙈

  • Blockchain Growth Index

    9 Sep, 2021

    In the last couple of days and weeks we reviewed and optimized our portfolio… ✅ Dropped a few projects which are no longer state of the art and revised and adjusted the weights of the remaining ones… ✅ The increased position in $SOL is already paying off (+40%). We consider the market setback as a nice buying opportunity (dollar cost averaging) for long term investors 📈🚀😎

  • Blockchain Growth Index

    31 Aug, 2021

    Layer 1 projects have again gained more than 30% since last week. $SOL $ADA $LUNA 📈🚀😎🥳We took profits and did rebalance our portfolio. Adjusted the weightings slightly $ETH +2% $BTC -2%

  • Blockchain Growth Index

    26 Aug, 2021

    We have reduced our holdings in $LUNA by 3%. With the massive price jump in the last weeks we expect the price to trend lower in the short term. Staking ratio decreased by a lot and these coins will probably be sold in the next days and weeks… ☝🏼Therefore, we took some chips off the table even when we still believe in the ecosystem in the medium to longterm… 📈😎🚀 We will probably buy back at lower prices ✅