Future Chain Index


Assets Copying Strategy
No. of copiers
Return (24h)
+ 2.27%
Return (7D)
+ 34.16%
Return (1M)
+ 67.06%
Return (1Y)
Return (All Time)
About this strategy

Our strategy is about searching for new opportunities within the crypto sphere as well as looking deep into specific projects that spark our interest because they could provide beneficial factors for the entire community. On the other hand, we always reevaluate our current positions and adjust them according to the current market situation. Our goal is to stay up to date when it comes to cutting edge technologies, especially within the crypto space and strive to exposure to the best assets while adjusting the risk management accordingly.

  • Copy fee (daily) 1.88%
  • Performance fee (monthly) 8.88%
  • Exit cost 0.50%
  • Optimism 100.00%
News Feed
  • Future Chain Index

    3 Feb, 2023

    As you may have noticed, FCI rebalanced heavily into Optimis $OP. We see a huge demand for future adation of the Optimism Blockchain. Optimism is a fast, stable, and scalable L2 blockchain built by Ethereum developers, for Ethereum developers. To get a better understanding of what Optimism is and what it does here is a great read: https://www.coindesk.com/learn/what-is-optimism/#maythegainsbewithus

  • Future Chain Index

    21 Jan, 2023

    It looks like the crypto bear market is finally over. $BTC as well as the crypto market in general having a great start into the new year. Let's see where the next couple of years will lead us. Here is a great video outlining the coming cycle. Have fun watching it.https://youtu.be/ou9i-zfZVvk

  • Future Chain Index

    5 Jan, 2023

    We hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2023 will start a new cycle for Crypto. Will be a hell of a ride.

  • Future Chain Index

    4 Nov, 2022

    Another great video regarding the four year $BTC cycle and what to expect in the future. #spoileralert a new cycle is starting! https://youtu.be/ti0qHClHmPs

  • Future Chain Index

    3 Nov, 2022

    The four year cycle of $BTC coming to an end and the new one is starting end of November early/mid December. This means historically it’s a very good time to accumulate. Just a friendly reminder.

  • Future Chain Index

    5 Oct, 2022

    Just a friendly reminder. Smart money is buying crypto right now. If you ever considered getting into this market, now is a great time.

  • Future Chain Index

    30 Sep, 2022

    Here is a great technical analysis to the actual market conditions and what to expect in the next couple of months. Long story short. Smart money is now accumulating and buying crypto. The next bull-run is just a matter of time. https://youtu.be/647vDfdeJhE

  • Future Chain Index

    28 Mar, 2022

    Again we did a reevaluation of the current state of our investment strategy. We came to the conclusion that the upside on $MIR  is not as good as the of $SHIB therefore we reallocated our position accordingly. $SHIB got a great setup for another pump in the upcoming weeks. And thus far it looks like our strategy is paying off. Shiba Inu is pumping today!

  • Future Chain Index

    10 Mar, 2022

    After another failed pump from $CRV it was time to reallocate our decision in the project. Ultimately we at FCI decided to switch our focus on a much more promising project - Mirror Protocol $MIR!It is the second largest project on the $LUNA blockchain with a great team and an even greater community. We think it’s time for $MIR to take off!

  • Future Chain Index

    4 Jan, 2022

    Quick update: $CRV had a breakout plus successful retest hence the party is on! Happy New Year!