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Assets Copying Strategy
No. of copiers
Return (24h)
+ 0.01%
Return (7D)
Return (1M)
Return (1Y)
Return (All Time)
+ 626.92%
  • Copy fee (daily) 2.00%
  • Performance fee (weekly) 4.00%
  • Exit cost 0.50%
  • Tether 49.98%
  • USD Coin 50.02%
News Feed
  • Crypto Future

    23 Dec, 2022

    It's time for a brief update since it's been a while since our last post. As we have repeatedly stated, our fundamental objective is to protect the capital. Crypto Future has succeeded in doing so and is now carefully monitoring the market. So far there are no bull reversal signals yet, once we see them, we will gradually start moving back in. Many got burned in the past moving in too fast.Being patient is free and being patient is key! 👉Good to know. Just by staying in USDT/USDC, Crypto Future was among the top 10 performers last month. 🚀

  • Crypto Future

    17 May, 2022

    It's been a while since our last update... Our main goal remains the same: to protect the capital and position ourselves well for the next bull market. The good news is that Crypto Future was out of the market when Luna collapsed. However, our performance in the last six months has been poor. Note to ourself: The trend is to the downside until proven otherwise- do not play against the trend! Patience is key.

  • Crypto Future

    29 Nov, 2021

    Dear copiers, we are not changing our strategy!As a fund manager, you are under constant pressure of moving in/out of the market trying to exit at a good time and even harder, trying to find a good entry. It is almost a 24/7 kind of job. We love that Iconomi made a platform where executing such a strategy is even possible.Same goes for trailing stop loss.Sometimes we are dealing with results that could definitely be better,like for instance the last two months. But it is impossible to be right every time !The task of our fund management is not only to increase the assets but also to work every angle on how to preserve them.

  • Crypto Future

    11 Nov, 2021

    Looks like Evergrande news was fake. Slowly moving back in. Better safe than sorry.

  • Crypto Future

    10 Nov, 2021

    The Evergrande possible bankruptcy news might shake up the market. We moved out just in case. Better to wait for the dust to settle.

  • Crypto Future

    3 Nov, 2021

    Its been a while since our last update. Market looks really good, we are convinced there is still lots of room to grow. Our goal remains the same... outperform btc and secure the profits if necessary🚀

  • Crypto Future

    16 Sep, 2021

    Crypto Future is very proud of our yearly returns. Sitting at +1352%, currently puts us at 7th place. We are thankfull for the trust of our copiers. Our mission remains the same, make profit and making sure to protect that profit.

  • Crypto Future

    7 Sep, 2021

    Our Ethereum Stop loss was triggered at 3750. Managed to secure our profits. Now waiting to see some bottom confirmations before moving back in. No reason to risk the hard earned profits.

  • Crypto Future

    31 Aug, 2021

    Stop loss was hit last week for Crypto Future. Market still looks undecided, but @eth is looking for a new leg up. We are partialy back in with an extra tight SL in place, to make sure we are out in time in case of a breakdown.

  • Crypto Future

    22 Aug, 2021

    Our strategy remains the same. It is essential to secure our profits .After a decent gain we remain cautious and have set a tight Stop Loss on the remaining 50%.