LongTerm Fundamentals


Assets Copying Strategy
No. of copiers
Return (24h)
+ 0.11%
Return (7D)
+ 7.60%
Return (1M)
+ 35.02%
Return (1Y)
+ 2,836.61%
Return (All Time)
+ 4,545.76%
  • Copy fee (daily) 1.25%
  • Performance fee (weekly) 5.50%
  • Exit cost 0.50%
  • Ethereum 23.20%
  • Fantom 21.08%
  • Terra 13.29%
  • Cosmos 11.22%
  • Polygon 12.96%
  • 2 other assets 18.26%
News Feed
  • LongTerm Fundamentals

    22 Oct, 2021

    We have gone a while without a rebalance! Interestingly, our portfolio is still within ranges that are in line with current targets. Rest assured, I am following the markets closely and will rebalance per usual when it is time. In other news, I just noticed that LTF returns have surpassed 40X since inception and 20X+ in the last year!

  • LongTerm Fundamentals

    1 Oct, 2021

    No changes to the strategy as our allocation is still tracking within planned ranges. Just wanted to leave a note to say hi and a reminder that this game is not a sprint but rather a marathon. Cheers 

  • LongTerm Fundamentals

    15 Sep, 2021

    +$FTM $ATOM $LUNA -$SOL $AXS. Rebalancing $ETH $ENJ $MATIC.

  • LongTerm Fundamentals

    3 Sep, 2021

    Removing $UNI , $MLN adding $ALPHA. Rebalancing--mainly-- $SOLand minor rebalance of $ETH $MATIC $ENJ $AXS

  • LongTerm Fundamentals

    30 Jul, 2021

    Removing $ALPHA, adding in $MLN & $AXS, rebalancing $ENJ $UNI $ETH $MATIC $SOL

  • LongTerm Fundamentals

    18 May, 2021

    Removing $BAT, rebalancing $SOL $MATIC $ETH $ENJ $UNI 🤔

  • LongTerm Fundamentals

    7 May, 2021

    Removing $RSR and $MLN. Adding $UNI and $BAT, minor rebalacing of $SOL $MATIC $ENJ $ETH.

  • LongTerm Fundamentals

    27 Apr, 2021

    Removing $BADGER $ALPHA. Adding $MLN and $RSR, minor rebalancing of $SOL $ETH $ENJ $MATIC 🤔

  • LongTerm Fundamentals

    19 Mar, 2021

    Taking $ADA profits and removed from portfolio. Rebalancing $BADGER $SOL $ETH $MATIC $LINK $ENJ

  • LongTerm Fundamentals

    11 Mar, 2021

    Removing $AAVE, $ZRX, $ALPHA. Adding $ADA and minor rebalancing of $ENJ, $MATIC, $ETH, $SOL, $LINK.