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Assets Copying Strategy
No. of copiers
Return (24h)
Return (7D)
+ 2.81%
Return (1M)
Return (1Y)
Return (All Time)
  • Copy fee (daily) 2.00%
  • Performance fee (monthly) 3.00%
  • Exit cost 0.50%
  • Bitcoin 88.54%
  • Chainlink 2.41%
  • Avalanche 2.23%
  • 2.40%
  • Oasis Network 2.19%
  • iExec 2.23%
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  • The Money Printer

    10 Jan, 2023

    Dear followers, we do believe the bottom is in. Moving the rest of our $USDC to $BTC .This fund outperformed $BTC  during bear market, planning to keep that way also in a bull market.Wishing you all very good year of 2023! 

  • The Money Printer

    24 May, 2023

    Looks like markets are very nervous about the debt cealing. If things do crash, It could be a quick one.This can be the catalyst for Bitcoin dominance breaking upside.

  • The Money Printer

    14 May, 2023

    Good morning to everyone. Since last post, we have been fairly protective with our position. Long term this has been a good move, as altcoins have been bleeding against bitcoin. Now, bitcoin is trying to hold 26k, while traditional markets are making a new yearly high. We are buying this $BTC pull back with our usdc. Thank you for following our strategy.

  • The Money Printer

    28 Apr, 2023

    We got the close above 29. Things are looking good so having more exposure is worth the risk. BTC. D is right on a major resistance.

  • The Money Printer

    27 Apr, 2023

    Good morning to everyone.Looks like Bitcoin is staying around 29k, a key level in our opinion. If we get a daily closure above, we will likely enter back into altcoins. At the same time, watching Btc. D closely. Ideally would not like to have altcoin exposure if dominance breaks through resistance.