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No. of copiers
Return (24h)
Return (7D)
+ 0.17%
Return (1M)
Return (1Y)
+ 37.43%
Return (All Time)
+ 674.09%
  • Copy fee (daily) 1.00%
  • Performance fee (quarterly) 5.00%
  • Exit cost 0.50%
  • USD Coin 98.02%
  • Bitcoin 0.98%
  • Ethereum 1.01%
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  • Ape Capital

    5 Feb, 2022

    Hello Iconomi Investors,I have been with Iconomi since I got into Crypto in 2017. After trading successfully albeit blindly (bull markets have a habit of letting noobs win), I soon realized I was not able to keep up with all the developments in crypto. I wanted a way to buy indexes of the market instead. Crypto Strategies were, and still are, the best product out there and I invest with several strategists here. Fast forward to today and I am now ready to apply what I’ve learned more publicly and invite copy traders. Note: My strategy was a demo account until 1 month ago.<strong>Macro Strategy:</strong> Crypto is very volatile. Take advantage of the upside, but always limit the downside by using trailing stops and benchmarked bitcoin stops.In Bull: Invest agnostically&nbsp; in vetted (research below) high performing altcoins, rotating frequently, with an eye to making multiples on a pure bitcoin or ethereum holding.In Bear: Sit in USDT and invest mainly in bitcoin and ethereum on significant dips with close stops and benchmark targetsIn Uncertainty: Apply classical charting principles of 3:1 up to downside before taking trades (with close stops) and largely stay in USDT.<strong>Micro Strategy: </strong>Volatility leads to stop runs. That said when crypto tanks it does so with little warning. Close stops protect more than they lose in a bear, and wide keep gains running in a bull.In Bear: Trailing stops of 3%; Active algorithmic bitcoin benchmarks to buy/sell intoIn Bull: Trailing stops of 6-8%; Algorithmic rebalances based on percentage gained<strong>Research:</strong>Bitcoin Live member: https://bitcoin.live/analystsTwitter Advisor List: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1480508370494926852Complete fascination with this space and subsequent CryptoTwitter addictionWelcome to the strategy.Cheers,Cryptoechein

  • Ape Capital

    25 May, 2023

    The weeks to come look pretty dumpy. We will aim to re-enter at the end of June and/or near 21-23k btc price ranges.

  • Ape Capital

    9 May, 2023

    Update: forecast is less certain now with btc and eth struggling at this level. It’s a 50/50, perhaps less, it goes up. So we protect profits and rebuy at 30k btc if wrong. Long game prevails, we are up a lot, we aim to keep it that way.

  • Ape Capital

    7 May, 2023

    Quick update. Btc and eth are bullish, holding up well. We are looking for a final large push in the coming weeks and will look to take profits over this time and into early June.Macro forces are in a game of extreme chicken at the moment and being out for that in the near future is the prudent play.In the meantime. We vibe.

  • Ape Capital

    14 Apr, 2023

    Things have gone well and so far so good for our rebalance into eth/btc before the upgrade. We will hold this position into May where we will likely exit 60% to usd due to macro turning down, with a rebuy in H2 for the next leg up into 2024. Until then tho. We vibe